Bill Sparks DSM 1922-2002

This category is about William "Bill" Sparks one of only two survivors of Operation Frankton in WW2. Bill first came to my attention last year and since then I have been trying to find out his connection to Canvey Island. Many I spoke to knew him or had heard of him but I could not pin down where he lived or how long he lived on the Island.

During my research I read the two books Bill himself wrote and published in 1995 and 2002. Both have been reviewed on this site. The first was about Operation Frankton, second of the books talked more about his life after the war but little was mentioned of Canvey Island.

It is the 70th anniversary of Operation Frankton this December. It is hoped a memorial will be unveiled at the Bay Museum.

A fitting tribute to a hero who chose to live on Canvey Island.

He resided on Canvey Island from 1971-1986.

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Commemorative Medallion
Operation Frankton
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Bill Sparks DSM
Born to be a hero
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The Epic of a Canvey War Hero
Fred McCave Bulletin December 1983
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By Bill Sparks
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from his daughter Gill Clark