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Some of you may have read a recent article in the Echo by Mike Davis of the Rayleigh Town Museum regarding the disposal of the Echo photo archives at Basildon. Along with the other community archives in the area we were invited to a meeting at Rayleigh Town Museum where we were given details of the situation and how we could help the museum save the archive. It was understood that we had anything from a week to three months to save as much as possible of the vast archive. I mean vast with a guesstimate of over 2,000,000 negatives from the years 1960s-1990s. Thousands of printed photos. Cd-roms covering the period 2001-2011, Microfiche film of old newspapers and filing cabinets full of cuttings.

The photos and news stories from the Echo's archive will gradually be published in this category. We would like to say a big thank you to Janet Walden, Janet Penn, Thom Johnson and David Foot who have spent lots of time scanning for us.

Can we please remind everyone the copyright on these photos belongs to the Echo Newspaper Group.

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St Katherine's Church Steeple 1928
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Displaying the Echo Photos
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Dr Feelgood
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