Great Flood

Page link: 1953 Flood Map
1953 Flood Map
From the Echo Archives
Page link: Bringing Home the Victims
Bringing Home the Victims
An unenviable job
Page link: Canvey Point?
Canvey Point?
Great picture but is it Canvey
Page link: Seawall Repair Team
Seawall Repair Team
Soldiers on the wall
Page link: Cuppa and Comfort
Cuppa and Comfort
at Benfleet
Page link: Anxious Wait
Anxious Wait
Looking for loved ones
Page link: Silent Street
Silent Street
and the clean-up crew
Page link: Dave King Entertains
Dave King Entertains
Page link: Rebuilding the Walls
Rebuilding the Walls
Echo Photo Archive
Page link: Safe At Last
Safe At Last
All hands to the rescue
Page link: The Long Trek to Safety
The Long Trek to Safety
New flood photos
Page link: Aerial View of Flooded Canvey
Aerial View of Flooded Canvey
Can you say where?