In this Section we look at some of the historical people and characters associated with the history and development of Canvey Island.

Page link: Ray Howard MBE
Ray Howard MBE
51 years of public service
Page link: William Edward Howes BEM
William Edward Howes BEM
Sergeant Canvey Police
Page link: Kars Pruim the Mad Dutchman
Kars Pruim the Mad Dutchman
Hero of the floods died 1983
Page link: Arthur Reed
Arthur Reed
On his 90th Birthday
Page link: May Ethel Mather nee Timewell
May Ethel Mather nee Timewell
Pioneering Sister QAIMNSR
Page link: Beatrice Littlewood
Beatrice Littlewood
Labour Councillor
Page link: John Puddefoot B.E.M.
John Puddefoot B.E.M.
An Interview
Page link: George Beecham M.B.E.
George Beecham M.B.E.
An Interview
Page link: John Harrison, Farmer
John Harrison, Farmer
Waterside Farm c1898-1926
Page link: Colin Wyatt - Walt Disney artist and co-creator of Poddington Peas
Colin Wyatt - Walt Disney artist and co-creator of Poddington Peas
More than half a century of children's comics and books and now using his skills to help the Born Free Foundation
Page link: Bradley Cox MBE
Bradley Cox MBE
Over 40 years of scouting on Canvey Island
Page link: Linda Kendrick
Linda Kendrick
Successful singer and actress of the 'sixties and 'seventies
Page link: 'Mary's House'
'Mary's House'
Roggel Road
Page link: Les recalls his Stalag Luft III escape
Les recalls his Stalag Luft III escape
Article By Shelly Lawrie
Page link: Mr Canvey - Ray Howard
Mr Canvey - Ray Howard
The man behind the Councillor
Page link: Rev. Henry Hayes 1839-1900
Rev. Henry Hayes 1839-1900
'Maker of Modern Canvey'
Page link: Lionel Hart dies aged 84
Lionel Hart dies aged 84
Canvey Councillor from the 1960's onwards
Page link: Sonia Galperin
Sonia Galperin
Founder of Abbeyfields on Canvey
Page link: Canvey's 'Grand Old Man' Dies
Canvey's 'Grand Old Man' Dies
Mr G H J Chambers (1872-1951)
Page link: Edward Rayment
Edward Rayment
Chairman of the Canvey Island Urban District Council
Page link: PC Charlie Burt
PC Charlie Burt
Canvey's popular police officer
Page link: Charlie Carey OBE
Charlie Carey OBE
Founder of Canvey Lifeguards
Page link: Harry Whitcomb
Harry Whitcomb
Canvey Island CISCA House
Category link: George Pickett
George Pickett
Canvey Councillor
Category link: Peggy Grant
Peggy Grant
Mayor of Castle Point
Category link: Albert Jones
Albert Jones
Jones Corner
Category link: Ashley George Old
Ashley George Old
(b. 1913, d. 2001)
Category link: Dr Premek Sonnek
Dr Premek Sonnek
Popular Canvey doctor
Category link: Madge Moore OBE
Madge Moore OBE
'Skipper' of the Sea Rangers
Category link: Margaret Payne
Margaret Payne
Category link: Mary Dallas nee Andrews
Mary Dallas nee Andrews
Canvey Carnival
Category link: Rev Joseph Overs
Rev Joseph Overs
Cook-photographer -priest and judo coach
Category link: Captain Gregson
Captain Gregson
Eccentric, entrepreneur, rumour, fact or fiction
Category link: Eugene E Lawrence and Canvey Supply
Eugene E Lawrence and Canvey Supply
Nearly a hundred years of history
Category link: Frederick Leach
Frederick Leach
Canvey Pioneer and Farmer
Category link: Michael and David Cain
Michael and David Cain
A boxing duo
Category link: Reflected Glory
Reflected Glory
Memories of Rev John A Fleetwood
Category link: Bill Gower's memories of Canvey
Bill Gower's memories of Canvey
Including the floods, wartime and other stories
Category link: Bill Sparks DSM 1922-2002
Bill Sparks DSM 1922-2002
Cockleshell Commando
Category link: Doctor Feelgood
Doctor Feelgood
Canvey Island's Finest
Category link: Frederick Hester & Son
Frederick Hester & Son
Early Canvey Developers
Category link: Lt. Col. Horace Percy Fielder
Lt. Col. Horace Percy Fielder
Fielder's influence on Canvey
Category link: Ocean James Smith
Ocean James Smith
well known Church Worker at St Annes
Category link: Phyllis Owens MBE 1920-2013
Phyllis Owens MBE 1920-2013
Her life dedicated to Canvey's youngsters
Category link: Prout Brothers
Prout Brothers
Boat Builders and Olympians
Category link: Vincent Heatherson
Vincent Heatherson
Died 2012 aged 33
Category link: Ebenezer Joseph Mather
Ebenezer Joseph Mather
The founder of The Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen
Category link: Clara Grace James
Clara Grace James
JP and founder of Canvey Labour and Woman's Institute
Category link: Paul & Winnie Capser
Paul & Winnie Capser
Canvey Island's Punch & Judy Family