Photographs of how Canvey Island looks today as well as what remains of her past history, including pictorial walks through various areas.

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Page link: A Mural About Murals
A Mural About Murals
Not yet finished
Page link: Some of the New Murals
Some of the New Murals
Some finished some not
Page link: Chris Fenwick
Chris Fenwick
Canvey man: Tales of his journey talk
Page link: Military Exhibition 2017
Military Exhibition 2017
Presented by The Bay Museum
Page link: New Mural at Thorney Bay
New Mural at Thorney Bay
By Bay Watch Volunteer
Page link: BBC1 Thief Trackers
BBC1 Thief Trackers
Dutch Cottage
Page link: Presentation of B17 Woggles
Presentation of B17 Woggles
To Canvey Air Scout Leaders
Page link: Postcards Through The Ages
Postcards Through The Ages
An illustrated talk and exhibition