The Dolphin Theatre Group

A local paper announced ‘New Amateur Society for Canvey Island’ the clipping continues:

Canvey’s Pompadour Players, who for the past eight years have been providing regular entertainment, will have to keep right on their toes if they are to retain prime place in the Island’s theatre world. Reason for this is the announcement that a new company is being formed on the Island and included in their ‘captures’ so far are several of the Pompadour’s star players.

Taking the title, ‘The Dolphin Theatre Group’ the society state they are no way connected with any other group on the Island. They have based the society on a ‘democratic constitution’ meaning that all members will be given every opportunity to develop their talents, whether they want to act, produce, design or make scenery, lighting effects, costumes, study make-up or any other branch of the theatrical world.


Their first production was Blithe Spirit in January 1954 with Dudley George being a major player. In this section are many of the programs, clippings and pictures that Dudley collected over the years.

Page link: 'Ladysfingers'
It's laughter all the way-and a twist at the end!
Page link: 'Intent to Murder'
'Intent to Murder'
Another Dolphin Theatre Group production
Page link: 'Here We Come Gathering'
'Here We Come Gathering'
Play was a "choice fillet"
Page link: 'But Once a Year'
'But Once a Year'
Dolphins won applause for comedy acting
Page link: 'Blythe Spirit'
'Blythe Spirit'
Success for new Canvey Group
Page link: Beside the Seaside
Beside the Seaside
A Dolphin Theatre Group production 1957
Page link: As Black As She's Painted
As Black As She's Painted
A Dolphin theatre Group production 1955
Page link: 'Mount Everest' Carnival entry c1954
'Mount Everest' Carnival entry c1954
The Dolphin Theatre Group
Page link: 'The Only Prison' at Canvey
'The Only Prison' at Canvey
A Dolphin Theatre Group production September 1958