The Great Flood

On the night of 31st January 1953 a tidal surge came down the north sea flooding low lying lands in its path. Canvey Island was badly hit with the Sea Wall washing away in the Tewkes Creek area.

58 people lost their lives and the Island was evacuated.

This section is dedicated to all those who lost their lives and all those who lived through this ordeal.

Please add your Photos and memories to this section.

A New Plaque in memory of the Flood Victims was unveiled outside the library on the 1st February 2011. 

On the 1st February 2013 a plaque to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Great Flood was unveiled outside the library, with a short service.

In July 2014 a mural telling the story of our seawall and the floods was finished and celebrated. You can see pictures here.

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To the Women of Canvey
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Flood Artifacts
Items from the 1953 flood
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Depicting the flood in '53
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Flood films
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Flood Memorials
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Flood Photos
Photos from the floods 1953
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Papers and Reports
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Peoples' Stories
The survivors tell their stories
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The play 'A Town in the Sea' 2004
photos, memories and programme from the 'Flood' project