This is a section for any kind of literature where Canvey Island is written about as fact or a work of fiction. Whether a novel, comics, verse, historical, diaries or letters.  These can be a great source of information particularly the ones from the 19th and early 20th century, a great deal can be learnt from them, they are just like old pictures.

Page link: The Eagle Steamers
The Eagle Steamers
and General Steam Navigation Co Ltd.
Page link: Coryton Refinery in 1953
Coryton Refinery in 1953
A 40th anniversary
Page link: Flood Warning Sirens
Flood Warning Sirens
Notification of siren testing 1996
Page link: The Islander 1964
The Islander 1964
Canvey Island Secondary School Annual Magazine
Page link: No Fishing
No Fishing
From the promenade
Page link: Caterpillers
Page link: The Rochford Hundred
The Rochford Hundred
By Philip Benton 1867
Page link: Essex Ghost Stories and other books
Essex Ghost Stories and other books
by local author Robert Hallmann
Page link: A Topographical Dictionary of England. 4 Volumes
A Topographical Dictionary of England. 4 Volumes
by Samuel Lewis originally published in 1831
Page link: The Imperial Gazetteer of England & Wales. Vol. one
The Imperial Gazetteer of England & Wales. Vol. one
by John Marius Wilson. circa 1866
Category link: Articles about Canvey Island
Articles about Canvey Island
Published in magazines and papers
Category link: Canvey Brochures
Canvey Brochures
Guides and local brochures
Category link: Essex Countryside
Essex Countryside
The County Magazine
Category link: Local Newspapers
Local Newspapers
Stories and cuttings from old papers
Category link: Reflected Glory
Reflected Glory
Memories of Rev John A Fleetwood
Category link: The Makers of Canvey
The Makers of Canvey
By Mary L. Cox 1902
Category link: Non-Fiction
factual books about Canvey Island
Category link: Fiction
Novels etc that have their setting on Canvey Island
Category link: Directories
Post office, Pigots, Kellys and White's Directories
Category link: Verse
Printed matter about Canvey Island in verse