Photographs of how Canvey Island looks today as well as what remains of her past history, including pictorial walks through various areas.

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Page link: Great Meeting with Bradley Cox MBE
Great Meeting with Bradley Cox MBE
from the 4th Sea Scouts
Page link: B-17G Collision 19th June 1944
B-17G Collision 19th June 1944
It tipped over and the nose was looking at me.
Page link: Canvey Village
Canvey Village
From A Map To A Banner
Page link: Canvey History Trail 2015
Canvey History Trail 2015
September 27th
Page link: Canvey Bay Watch
Canvey Bay Watch
Page link: The Essex Weekly News
The Essex Weekly News
News from the past
Page link: Flood Exhibition
Flood Exhibition
Heritage Centre 2015
Page link: 2015 Flood Exhibition
2015 Flood Exhibition
Held at the Library