Photographs of how Canvey Island looks today as well as what remains of her past history, including pictorial walks through various areas.

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Page link: Presentation to Benfleet Historical Society
Presentation to Benfleet Historical Society
A copy of Frederick Hester's photo for the Dutch Cottage
Page link: Carnival Time 2016
Carnival Time 2016
A selection of photos
Page link: Dr Sonnek
Dr Sonnek
Information from Anton Machacek
Page link: Armed Forces Day 2016
Armed Forces Day 2016
The Paddocks
Page link: Balmoral passing Hole Haven
Balmoral passing Hole Haven
Courtesy of National Coastwatch Hole Haven
Page link: Come to our Slideshow
Come to our Slideshow
Canvey in the 1920s/30s
Page link: Rotary Raft Race 2016
Rotary Raft Race 2016
Selection of photos
Page link: Audio-video Kiosk Tours
Audio-video Kiosk Tours
Essex Record Office
Page link: Ted Etherington
Ted Etherington
Thank you for your service
Page link: The East London Group
The East London Group
Out of the city exhibition
Page link: Dr Premek Sonnek
Dr Premek Sonnek
Canvey GP
Page link: Flood House
Flood House
Dauntless Boatyard
Page link: Rayleigh Town Museum
Rayleigh Town Museum
New Essex Museum
Page link: 102 year old Canvey Tram Trailer
102 year old Canvey Tram Trailer
Now on display in the Transport Museum
Page link: We Are in Two Papers
We Are in Two Papers
Flood Exhibition and donation
Page link: Student visit to Canvey
Student visit to Canvey
Focus on the Island's history and development
Page link: Working with the Town Council
Working with the Town Council
Accepting our Partnership Agreement
Page link: The Great Flood 1953
The Great Flood 1953
Illustrated talk and exhibition