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Page link: James Black
James Black
G.Prout & Sons. Ltd.
Page link: Canvey Island Companies 1980's  {2}
Canvey Island Companies 1980's {2}
Halcon Group of Companies, Promotion Leaflets
Page link: Canvey Carnival, late 1950's
Canvey Carnival, late 1950's
The Kursaal Flyer.
Page link: Thames Shipping.
Thames Shipping.
Past and Present.
Page link: The launching of a new fishing boat.
The launching of a new fishing boat.
At the Halcon boat yard, the Point Canvey.
Page link: G.Prout & Sons Ltd, Boat Builders. Canvey.
G.Prout & Sons Ltd, Boat Builders. Canvey.
Entry into Southend Carnival 1961.
Page link: Canvey Sea Rangers
Canvey Sea Rangers
Date Unknown
Page link: Francis Prout, Eulogy
Francis Prout, Eulogy
Memorial Service, Debenham Church, 10th March 2011
Page link: G.Prout and Sons Ltd.
G.Prout and Sons Ltd.
Canvey Boat Builders
Page link: Prout Catamarans Ltd;
Prout Catamarans Ltd;
Catamarans built at the Point, Canvey,1960-70's
Page link: Canvey Island Boat Builders
Canvey Island Boat Builders
G.Prout & Sons and Prout Catamarans
Page link: Experiment Hover Craft
Experiment Hover Craft
Trials In Small Gains Creek
Page link: A Twin Masted Catamaran
A Twin Masted Catamaran
Launched in Small gains Creek
Page link: Canvey News & Benfleet Recorder
Canvey News & Benfleet Recorder
A few local advertisments
Page link: Erica Prout Nee Hawks
Erica Prout Nee Hawks
Wife of Francis Prout {G.Prout & Sons]
Page link: 77 ft Tsulamaran
77 ft Tsulamaran
A large Catamaran built on Canvey
Page link: G.Prout & Sons LTD:
G.Prout & Sons LTD:
Price lists, Folding boats & Canoes, Catamarans
Page link: Ships passing Canvey Island
Ships passing Canvey Island
Past and present
Page link: Canvey Island Methane Terminal
Canvey Island Methane Terminal
Photos taken from PS Waverley
Page link: Canvey Spring Tide
Canvey Spring Tide
Halcon Marina
Page link: Small Gains Creek
Small Gains Creek
Halcon Marine 1986