The Little Path to Adventure by Ken Basset

A poem about Ken's memories of boyhood on Canvey

Tony Matthews

I feel I would like to put this poem on the website for others to enjoy. It was written by my life long friend Ken Basset in the mid 1980's who moved away from Canvey a number of years ago to live in Norfolk.

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Photo:Poem of boyhood on Canvey

Poem of boyhood on Canvey

Tony Matthews

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O.M.G. What a talented guy Kenny Bassett is! Top electrician, pilot, musician and now I discover he's a poet. I would never have thought that around the same time as he was repairing(and sometimes re-inventing) my broken-down bakery machinery he was writing such imaginative verse. Thanks for sharing this Tony. P.S. During the summer? I rode the western section of Lakeside Path from Link Rd to Waterside Farm(Leach's), you take your life in your hands trying to cross Somnes Ave and the bit over by the golf-course is a hard-going lumpy clinker track. It could do with some re-surfacing there and perhaps it might be an idea to divert it north along the boundary of the golf-course and the allotments to join the new path across the Canvey Gateway Park/Garden/Field. Not as idyllic as it used be but still enjoyable if somewhat hazardous.

By Graham Stevens
On 18/11/2012

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