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Great article Jan - Thanks

By Dave
On 29/03/2008

Takes me back. Other savings drives were 'War Weapons Week' & 'Wings for Victory' I didn't live in Castle Point then so I don't know what Canvey did on those occasions, but surely they could have been forgiven for resting on their laurels after this magnificent effort! I was at school in those days and we had a lot of fun raising money at these times. A very interesting article.

By Ron Gibbs
On 17/04/2008

My father attended the function for ML115 (PO HB Burchell). Whilst on holiday I contacted the council offices to arrange a look at the plaque presented by ML115, this is now missing??? You might like to have a look at for some futher info on ML115 and HMS Seahawk.

By John Burchell
On 20/04/2008

A really interesting account. Many thanks Jan and Chalky.

By Terry Dickens [astraltrader]
On 05/09/2008

Doing some research on a fishing pole my father left to me.   I have L.T. O.B. Deiter's large Hardy Brothers. fishing pole and reel.  I also have the matching Gaff.  Nice to see all this information on this person.

By kirk lofberg
On 02/05/2016

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