Canvey after the floods

British Pathe film

By Janet Penn

British Pathe © film.

The description for the film is:

Holiday scenes of Canvey island in Essex on Whit Sunday and how the people survived the floods of a few months previously.

Good scenes of British holiday makers and beaches / seaside. CU. Sign 'Welcome to Canvey Island' LV. Pan cars held up along road awaiting entry.

GV. Damaged Canvey foreshore. SCU. Damaged settee pan up to other damaged furniture, outside bungalow. SV. An old Lady sitting on salvaged furniture. CU. Old man, GV. Pan sea wall being repaired. SV. Mr. and Mrs. Ingram and son Danny who were rescued by boat from hole in roof.... repairing furniture.

SV. Mrs. Ingram brushing mattress. SCU. Angle shot another islander scrubbing carpet. GV. Crowded Canvey Island beach. SV. A little girl paddling. SCU. A nude child standing beside pram with mother.

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wow the histoy is very intresting due to the fact i live in canvey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By jasminebourke
On 06/12/2011