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You appear to have forgotten the Collins Bros who had a the green gorcers shop which was the last shop in the parade nearest the Jellicoe. That would be about 1948

On 18/11/2008

Hi Canvey Joe
It's not that I've forgotten the Collins brothers, Ernie and Dick or their Dad (who, like my Dad, kept racing pigeons)  they'll be in the 'to be continued'. I hope to go down to the Jellicoe, cross the road and come back, cos we've still got quite a few photos to use. Needed a holiday after the last effort, hope to start again soon!

By Graham
On 19/11/2008

I remember buying some salt n vineger crisps in the bakers some time in 1972. It wasn't 'till I got them home I realised that the price on the pack was 7d and not 7p (we went decimal in '71 but prices were in new money from about '69 I think). I was all for eating them but my mother sent them off to Walkers (or Smiths or whoever) with a letter of complaint. They sent back a £1.50 voucher. Good result.

The thing I'll remember 'till my dying day is the smell of fresh bread cooking coming from the back of the buiding. Mmmmmmmm.

By Marshman
On 19/11/2008

I'm Ernie's daughter. Dad and Uncle Dick often talked of Canvey. Both have now passed on. However there is still a contingent of ex-Canvey Island dwellers here in New Zealand. Will pass on the site reference to them.

By Nee Collins
On 18/02/2009

The Greengrocers shop was the model for Ronnie Barkers "Open All Hours" with "Arkwright" being based on George Collins. A laugh a minute in that shop. I will post some pictures once I have found them.

By Tony Collins
On 04/04/2009

It would be great if you can find them Tony they will go nicely with Grahams next page

By Janet Penn
On 04/04/2009

Good to hear from members of the Collins family and of the contingent of ex-Canvey Island dwellers in N.Z. Hmm, 'Graham's next page', could that be a subtle hint,Jan? I'll start A.S.A.P, after yet another holiday! Graham.

By Graham Stevens
On 11/04/2009

Seeing the photos of Stevens Bakery brought back memories of when my brother and I used to go to the bakers on Good-Friday for Hot Cross Buns.
Also remember the wool shop and mum taking us all in there to choose the wool for the jumpers or cardigans she would knit us.
I have vague memories of the greengrocers and the butchers but what I remember of the butcher is the sawdust on the floor.
Thanks for bringing back so many wonderful memories.

By Janet Hynes (Nee Blundell)
On 25/08/2009

My mother, Nacy (Annie) Wilson worked at STEVENS for a few years, I cant remember how long, she loved working there said it was like one big family, she was working there when my father died, she came home from work to find him gone, they were living in BEACH House caravan site at the time my Father, George Wilson died April 1966.

There was another lady there at the time who lived with her and her daughters family, a lovely lady who was so kind to mum THINK it was ADA ?

By margaret day" Mick "
On 10/01/2010

Hello Jenny and Graham. I stumbled onto this site while looking for something else! How wonderful to read others memories. Stevens Bakery - couldn't beat their jam doughnuts, I can taste them now.

By Pauline Williams (nee Warren)
On 09/03/2013

Dear Mr Stevens ,

I have been reading about the Collins family. My Mum and Dad John and June Manly knew a Dick and Terry Colin's and their two children Tony and Richard. In 1973 we went to New Zealand to visit them. I have some Great pictures of that holiday, before I try to send them, do I have the right family. Before they emergrated they lived on the main road roughly opposite the Liegh Beck school and the Bus Garage  and Dick  was a builder who extended our house in Hornesland road.


Jane Parkin.

By Jane parkin
On 17/02/2015

Hi Jane, Yes, you've definitely got the right Collins family. I believe Dick built that house in the 60s and it didn't seem long after that when they emigrated to New Zealand. Having seen all your information about the Manlys I feel I have to add my memories about your family.

As youngsters playing in the Holbeck Rd area we were always fascinated by the bungalow inside the house in Westman Rd, never realised that it was a story in the local press when it was finished in the late 50s. At this time I was 'going out ' with Pam Moloney who lived in Hornsland Rd and Fay and your Nan were very friendly with her Mum(also Doris) and her Grandad, Mr Wheeler. They used to to come across a bit of spare land from Westman.

I also have memories of your Dad, John, with his 'shock' of blond hair when he occasionally visited them and further back some recollections of him at Whittier Hall with Dick Crane and Will and Mary McCave et al. Regards, Graham.

By Graham Stevens
On 19/02/2015

Oh how lovely to hear about the Manly family from someone who remembers them. I did not know Aunty Fay as she died before I was born, aged 32 but everyone says she was a wonderful person and it is a great sadness of mine that I missed that opportunity. She had a boyfriend called Lenny Carver but  they did not marry.

I expect they came through from Westman because Grandma owned some land in Hornesland which she used as an orchard and this is where we built our house when we came back to Canvey from 1967 to 1973. Charles and I went to Liegh Beck as Fay and Dad did in the thirties. I unfortunately don't know the people you mention. The names I remember are, Mrs Pointer, Mrs Good, Mrs Hards and her daughter Dillis, Bert Taylor and Mr and Mrs Moss.

In his young days Dad played billiards twice a week at Whittier hall,you are right.

His  friends were Jack Fennwick, Jean and Cathy Devonish, Fred and Bobby Knight, McDonald, Dave Attwell, Winnie who I think was called Windell or Windle, John and Jean Fisk nee Jones to name a few. There was another one he wrote about but his nick name is so politically incorrect I cannot mention it.

I know all this because he wrote it all down for us his children so we would Know, in his words "about his paradise" Canvey Island .

Charles and I both inherited the shock of blond hair but these days I have more of it than he does.

We were all set to emigrate to New Zealand after our visit to see Dick and Terry but Family ties were too great  still it was an amazing place. Thank you for your memories .

Regards ,


By Jane Parkin
On 20/02/2015

Dear Jane,

My uncles were/are Fred and Bobby Knight.  Bobby emigrated to Australia back in the 60's, he came home for a visit in 1994 and passed away in Australia in 1996.  I'd love to hear any stories your Dad might have written about them and their family. 



By Elaine Whitfield
On 29/07/2015

Hi Elaine ,

I do have a story that my father Wrote  about Fred and Bobby I will look it out .Watch this space .So lovely that I can tell you .

I also went to Furtherwick Park with a Brian Knight ,any relation?

Jane parkin

By Jane parkin
On 29/07/2015

Jane, Brian Knight was Fred Knights Son. My Mum was Fred and Bob Knights sister.

By Joe Nash
On 27/01/2018

I remember Len Carver very well, as I used to work with him.

By Joe Nash
On 27/01/2018

Hi Jo ,

I do hope you come back to this page please put in the search box Fred and Bobby Knight and Jack Fenwick’s Gun. It is a story my Father wrote about them it is quite funny.

Thank you for filling in the gaps, it is so interesting and I did not know that my Dad was friends with one generation of Knights and I was friends with the next.


By Jane Parkin
On 10/02/2018