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I lived and grew up at "Goodrest" Crescent Road the bungalow with a flat roof and balcony on top from 1945 until 1990 when I moved to Benfleet and went to Leigh Beck School so remember a lot of the people mentioned.

I worked as delivery boy for Collins Greengrocers when I was 13 in 1957. and well remember Ernie & Jean  as we used go up to Spitalsfield Market in London at 3 am in the morning to get fresh fruit and veg for the shop and I would delivery 1 cwt sacks of potatoes on an oversized, for my age, delivery bike, very hairy memories of the old unmade roads of the time.

Perhaps there are others who have more memories of the time.


Alan Hardy

On 01/04/2015

Hello Alan

Your post reminded me of my own experiences with a trades bike over the unmade roads and mud of Newlands when I was the delivery boy for Lewins the butchers.

I am the same age as you and possibly knew you at school.

Did we have a mutual aquaintence in Gwendalen avenue?



By sparrow
On 03/04/2015

Hi Robin

Are you Robin Howie by any chance ?  If so we would have been in the same class at Furtherwick Road.

There were quite a few aquaintences in Gwendalen avenue at the time and I married one of them , Cynthia Seals , 54 years ago !!

Perhaps you would like to email me at and we can continue reminiscing!



By Alan Hardy
On 10/04/2015