Businesses and the floods

Chambers and Greenglades

By Janet Penn

Talking today about the role of Chambers during the floods and was told by Rod Bishop that the bodies of the victims of the 1953 floods were taken to Chambers stores where they were identified before being removed from the Island and probably taken to Rochford where the local morgue was housed. This reminded me of this photograph I had received sometime ago and also the one below of Greenglades another local business affected by the floods.

Photo:Chambers taking on a new role

Chambers taking on a new role

Photo:For Stibbards it was business as usual but on a much bigger scale.

For Stibbards it was business as usual but on a much bigger scale.

Photo:Flooding at Greenglades

Flooding at Greenglades


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Excellent photos!

By David Bullock
On 22/02/2011

My father whose Greengrocers shop was located directly opposite Chambers, is in the two photos of coffins being unloaded from the trucks. Although we had been evacuated to stay with my aunt in Wickford, my father came back every day to help where posible. I can still remember him coming back each evening and telling my mother of the harrowing ordeal of having to identify some of the bodies. He knew a lot of those that had perished, as they had been customers at his shop.

By Rod Bishop
On 07/03/2012