Canada Corner

A recent find

By Janet Penn

The following photos were taken by Aubrey Stevens at Canada Corner in 1962. Although in themselves not of great significance they do show an area that no longer exists as it is the photos and helps to record a historical event thanking the Canadian people for their help post flood in 1953. The full story of the original Canada Corner and the memorial that stands in the grounds of the Paddocks can be seen here.

Canada Corner was an area of ground on the north side of Smallgains Creek and the south side of the old tip, now Canvey Heights.

Photo:Canada Corner before planting
Photo:States 'Not Maples' 21 March 1962
Photo:Contorta Pine 31 March 1962
Photo:Douglas Fir 31 March 1962
Photo:no name
Photo:Lows Silver Fir, Common End 31 March 1962
Photo:Patton's Hemlock
Photo:Red Oak 31 March 1962
Photo:Western Hemlock 31 March 1962
Photo:Western Hemlock 31 March 1962
Photo:Western Red Cedar 31 March 1962
Photo:Planting 1962
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