Canvey Community Archive's History Trail

Sunday 27th September 2015

By Janet Penn

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As part of our Heritage Lottery Funding we have to provide an event for the local community. As a history site we decided to do a History Trail.

We have been working with all the museums on the island so that they all open on the day doing their own event big or small. We have arranged with the Transport Museum to provide buses to travel from venue to venue so you can travel round to the museums free of charge.

The Archive will be in the Paddocks Hall 2 where we are joined by other like minded groups.

We have a large Exhibition of Old Canvey with photos, films and slides. We will have our computer and scanner so bring along photos or paperwork for us to scan and upload to our website. If you want to chat or just look around thats ok.

We are handing out free maps showing over 50 historical sites on the Island. You can pick up your copy from the library and other venues and events around the island. The library is the main place to get your copy but if you still have not got one by the 27th we will still have some left on the day so grab one then.

Photo:Our banner and maps

Our banner and maps

Photo:Our maps. Pick up a copy at the library

Our maps. Pick up a copy at the library

Photo:A display we had advertising the event in the library on Saturday

A display we had advertising the event in the library on Saturday

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Comments about this page

Loved the Archive Trail details but you have missed out one Farm. Mr Bob Cook had a farm at the end on Concord Road. Every morning after milking he used to take the full Milk Churns to the top of Concord Road and place them in an old Cart to be picked up by the Dairy. (Concord Road was unmade at this time) Mr. Cook had 5 children and I believe that at least one Grandchild still lives on the Island.  After his death the farm was left to his son who sold out and then farmed at Corringham.

By Valerie Deane
On 25/08/2015

Sorry the farm is on the map. It was called Kibcaps. Farms changed hands, some split up into smaller farms and changed names. There was not enough room to put more details on the map. We had to make the decision to use the older information adding additional if we could fit it in. 

By Janet Penn
On 25/08/2015

Hello, we will be coming from Suffolk on the day.  I notice that it starts at 10 till 4pm. Obviously there's a lot to see so we will try to get there early enough, but do the busses run at any specific times, is it a group thing where we have to get a specific bus to take us all the way around? Many thanks, regards Mark

By Mark Rroe
On 22/09/2015

Hi Mark

The buses start at the Paddocks in the town centre where we will be based. They will be running roughly every half hour. Next stop will be the Transport Museum, then Concord Beach Murals, then the Bay Museum, next the Dutch cottage, then the Heritage Centre then back to the Paddocks. You are free to do whatever you want. There is plenty of room in the Paddocks carpark to leave your car. Hope you enjoy the day weather is looking better.

By Janet Penn
On 22/09/2015

We are pleased to announce that we are now part of the Schools Partnership Children's University as a designated Learning Centre with the History Trail being just the beginning.

By Janet Penn
On 23/09/2015

Hello Janet

Thanks so much for getting back to me.  We're really looking forward to it. I grew up on the Island between 1960 and 1972.

Fingers crossed for the weather!

Best wishes


By Mark Roe
On 24/09/2015

You are very welcome. Yes definitely fingers crossed for the weather but looks good so far.

By Janet Penn
On 24/09/2015

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