Canvey in the 1950s

I remember

By Alan Duffield

My parents moved to Canvey from Edmonton in the summer of 1957.

My Grandparents and two uncles had lived on Canvey through the flood of 1953. We often had come down to visit them for the summer holidays. My Grandparents lived in a house called Sansovino in Trevia Ave. It was pulled down in the 1970s to make way for the supermarket at Lake Side corner.

I spent my last school year at Canvey, summer of 57 to summer of 58, coming from an all boys school in Edmonton to a Co Ed school I found very interesting.

Having left school and tried my hand at bricklaying. I did my apprenticeship at Dauntless Boat yard, by the bridge.

In 1965 I married Susan Smith (Doreen) and emigrated to New Zealand.

I took the photo so of course am not in it. Some names in the memory bank Susan Woolston, Shirley ?, Barbara ?, Frank Saul, Graham Flynn, Mrs White. Any help with names ?

Photo:Canvey Furtherwick School 1958

Canvey Furtherwick School 1958

Alan Duffield

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