Canvey Island Homeguard

Uncle Arthur Valentine

Passed to us by Brian Hall

Brian Hall gave us a copy of this photo of the Canvey Island Home guard. His Uncle Arthur (Valentine) is 3rd from the left in the front row.

Was one of your relatives in the Home guard? Please comment below.

Photo:Click to enlarge

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Brian Hall

This page was added by Janet Penn on 17/02/2018.
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Hello ,

My Grandfather Edward Manly was in Canvey’s home guard I will post a picture of him in his Uniform and hope someone can identify him .

I have always wondered why there is so little on this site about the home guard ,such an integral part of Canvey’s war history so thank you so much for posting this I just wish I could pick him out ,it is a little grainy.

Many thanks Uncle Arthur 

Kind regards 

Jane ( nee Manly )

By Jane Parkin
On 18/02/2018

The print wasn't too good Jane. I did the best I could. We have not had much given to us about the Home Guard. I do have something waiting in the wings which would give an overall view of them but it keeps going down in my list. I will see if i can find time to put it together.

By Janet Penn
On 18/02/2018

Not at all Janet it is such a thrill to see it .I have been trawling the net to find something I have the magnifying glass out trying to find a Match .

I have only 3 or 4 Pictures of Edward Manly but  will post them and see if you can see a likeness.There is someone who looks like him in the above but perhaps I’m clutching at straws !

Look forward to more !

Thanks Janet 

By Jane Parkin
On 18/02/2018

If you click on the photo you will get an enlargement with more detail but still not as clear as i would like.

By Janet Penn
On 18/02/2018


Is Arthur Valentine by any chance the Mr Valentine who used to run the garage in Corsel Road?



By sparrow
On 19/02/2018

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