Gerald Hudson's Canvey Memories

Gerald Hudson lived on Canvey from 1941 when he was a young lad. He now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Since finding the Archive website he has been entertaining us with his Canvey exploits.

Page link: North Thames Gas Board
North Thames Gas Board
Furtherwick Road
Page link: WW11
Kids playing with matches!!
Page link: Early 1940's
Early 1940's
Canvey Island sea front.
Page link: WW11 Memory.
WW11 Memory.
Summertime, Canvey Island.
Page link: In a fog
In a fog
on Canvey Island
Page link: Personal memory WWII.....Summer 1943
Personal memory WWII.....Summer 1943
118 The Parkway, Canvey Island.
Page link: Canvey Island Memories
Canvey Island Memories
Boys will be boys
Page link: WWII Memories
WWII Memories
Gerald Hudson
Page link: Canvey Island......Flood memories.
Canvey Island......Flood memories.
Early morning....Feb. 1st 1953