The Rio

The Rio cinema was originally opened in 1937 just prior to WW2. The Proprietor was Francis Bertram. The films were changed twice a week and there was a children’s show on Saturday. The building continued to show films up until its closure in 1976. It became the Canvey Social Club later to be Rio Bingo.

This section is dedicated to the Rio with pictures and stories related to it.

Page link: Rio Today
Rio Today
and a sneak look upstairs
Page link: Inside the Rio Cinema
Inside the Rio Cinema
Date unknown
Page link: Rio Bingo
Rio Bingo
Dated January 1999
Page link: Rio Bingo Hall
Rio Bingo Hall
Date Unknown
Page link: The Rio Cinema 1955
The Rio Cinema 1955
Furtherwick Road
Page link: The Island Cinema
The Island Cinema
Proprietor Francis Bertram
Page link: Bingo at the Rio
Bingo at the Rio
Date Unknown
Page link: Mystery Picture
Mystery Picture
Who can tell me where this was taken?
Page link: Rio Cinema
Rio Cinema
As featured in a Canvey paper 1964
Page link: Magic Lantern Slides
Magic Lantern Slides
Local cinema adverts from the late 30s
Page link: Wartime Canvey
Wartime Canvey
written for us by Joyce Humphrey
Page link: A Child's Sounds of War
A Child's Sounds of War
Written and Illustrated by Terry Buchanan