Canvey 2015

Page link: Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
to all Canveyites everywhere
Page link: 'Seven Decades of Canvey'
'Seven Decades of Canvey'
Dr Alan Whitcomb has us in stitches
Page link: Welcome to Thorney Bay Beach
Welcome to Thorney Bay Beach
Bay Watch's new board
Page link: Palm Trees Come to the Bay
Palm Trees Come to the Bay
Bay Watch's latest addition
Page link: Seven Decades of Canvey
Seven Decades of Canvey
Talk by Dr Alan Whitcomb
Page link: The Archive Celebrates
The Archive Celebrates
With Free Spirit
Page link: More Murals
More Murals
at Concord Beach
Page link: Three New Murals
Three New Murals
Being painted down by the Chapman Sands Sailing Club Jetty
Page link: Militaria Exhibition 2015
Militaria Exhibition 2015
Presented by the Bay Museum
Page link: The Forum Visit
The Forum Visit
Southend Library
Page link: Library Session
Library Session
Canvey 1970s
Page link: RNLI Talk
War Memorial Hall
Page link: CCA Celebration
CCA Celebration
Canvey's Musical Past
Page link: The Weekend Millionaires
The Weekend Millionaires
An Oral History of Lightermen
Page link: Carnival Video 2015
Carnival Video 2015
Video courtesy of Craig
Page link: Canvey Carnival 2015
Canvey Carnival 2015
At the Haystack
Page link: Canvey Rotary Present
Canvey Rotary Present
'T by The Sea'
Page link: Armed Forces Day Parade
Armed Forces Day Parade
Canvey Island 2015
Page link: Canvey Island Armed Forces Day 2015
Canvey Island Armed Forces Day 2015
What a brilliant parade
Page link: Mystery Picture
Mystery Picture
Who can tell me where this was taken?
Page link: A Cold Night in '53
A Cold Night in '53
BBC Music Day
Page link: Gary Foulgar and the B17
Gary Foulgar and the B17
CCA May meeting
Page link: Canvey Rotary Raft Race
Canvey Rotary Raft Race
Sunday 21st June 2015
Page link: Annual General Meeting
Annual General Meeting
17th April 2015, 7.30 p.m.
Page link: Busy Day in the Library
Busy Day in the Library
Visit by Ron Reynolds
Page link: Essex Police Museum
Essex Police Museum
and the Archive
Page link: Inside the King Canute
Inside the King Canute
Brought to you by Beyond The Point
Page link: Great Meeting with Bradley Cox MBE
Great Meeting with Bradley Cox MBE
from the 4th Sea Scouts
Page link: Canvey Village
Canvey Village
From A Map To A Banner
Page link: Canvey History Trail 2015
Canvey History Trail 2015
September 27th
Page link: Canvey Bay Watch
Canvey Bay Watch
Page link: The Essex Weekly News
The Essex Weekly News
News from the past
Page link: Flood Exhibition
Flood Exhibition
Heritage Centre 2015
Page link: 2015 Flood Exhibition
2015 Flood Exhibition
Held at the Library