Cisca House Vandal Attack

Dated 1972

By Janet Penn

In June 1972 the Cisca House old folks day centre was damaged by vandals.

This photo was used in the paper. The ladies are Gwyneth Marsh and Sue Whitcomb.

Great picture of the old sign showing who constructed the building. But I must say it gives the impression the old folk were being kept behind wire fencing and barbed wire.

Photo:Photo taken from Rio car park

Photo taken from Rio car park

Echo Newspaper Group

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Interesting photo. One of the ladies in the photo is my mother, Sue Whitcomb, one of the founders of CISCA House. What is particularly interesting is that the background shows no other buildings on the Paddocks area; the area was used entirely for recreation for the community. Yet today there exists the NHS Health centre and, of course the Paddocks community centre, that is under threat, despite being a much younger building than CISCA Hiuse that continues to thrive despite being 50 years old this year. The latter is the result of careful maintenance by CISCA House. Dr Alan Whitcomb (President CISCA)

By Alan Whitcomb
On 02/07/2019

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