Georgettes Juveniles

Happy memories

By Susan Marsh

Hello All

Just found this site, which has brought back so many happy memories of living in Canvey from about 1965 to 1982. I lived at Waterside Farm Cottages and was one of Queenie’s troupe. Sadly I have no photos of my time dancing and would love to hear from anyone who was in the troupe between 1969 to 1972, I remember Queenie’s son, Kevin, the only boy in the troup then.

I attended  Long Road Junior School with Suzanne Webb, Beverly Hills and Sharon Stacey, would love to know what happened to them. Lorraine Mullins was my best friend for a while as was Elaine Yates, whose Mother died when we were very young.

I remember cycling to Luna stores from our house, and walking my lovely Alsatian dog across the fields. Waterside Community centre had not been built then, or the new road behind our cottages, it was very rural then.

I remember walking up to the Downs and having lovely blackberry expeditions.

Thanks for evoking happy memories.



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