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I worked at NEALS in the mid50s, it was so cold in winter there were ice hung from the beams, we used to wrap a blanket around our waists and take hot water bottles, I wore fingerless gloves, no talking and music twice a day, you had to ask to go to the loo, Miss BROWN was a little woman with small specs and a crisp white overall, her hair in a tight bun, one look and you shut up.

By Margaret
On 14/03/2017

The lady who left that comment is a different Margaret, not me-Margaret Brock!

I worked at H. Neales from September 5th 1977 to November 30th 1984. At the age of 16, I was petrified walking into there on my first day and to be honest, was quite snobby about working in a factory and told people I was only there for a while (as really I hoped to  pursue a dream of becoming a teacher). I ended up working there for 7 years and felt really sad when I left albeit to have my first baby Charlotte.

My colleagues at H. Neales were like a big family to me, supportive and kind. We were really busy at times-I remember doing hours 8 a.m to 7p.m weekdays , Saturdays 8 till 12 and Sundays 8 until 12 when things got really hectic at Christmas time. After Christmas  work would be really low for a few weeks and we would sit around getting paid to do nothing! That's when the group of girls I worked with used to play cribbage and other card games. 

Talking of pay, I remember being thrilled and feeling very important when I was awarded Merit Money for being a good worker---£2.50 extra a week!

I work at Little Nippers Pre-School now and at times my book mending skills are called upon evoking my fond memories of Neale's- so many nice people- too many to name - the brothers  David and Peter Neale, Agnes and Ivy the tea ladies, (I remember Ray Howard delivering eggs to their kitchen every Friday and as a youngster being amazed that he sold eggs that had double yolks!), Bill (Wood) 'the sweep' -lovely man, Violet Smith who used to do our wages and her lovely friend, who was my leading hand Sally Bailey and  Winnie our charge hand--........ I still have presents they bought me from over 30 years ago.   

By Margaret Brock (nee Costello)
On 26/03/2017

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