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I worked here for nearly 5 years was even 11 yrs old when i started my mum asked him as she knew him well, i worked here after school and at weekends, school holidays and did most xmas mornings when we opened the side window to serve customers

By denise stiles was hawkins
On 22/11/2013

When my sister Heather and I used to walk to school, we would often count it a treat to call in at 'Joneses' to get our supply of liquorice sticks and 'imps'. the sticks were literally shoots from the plant which you chewed and sucked to get the flavour. They always ended up shredded! Imps were in a little box which contained a couple of dozen of strong liquorice type flavour sweets which resembled specks of bitumen. Each about 1/4" square (6mm). On the rare occasion my sis would get 2 jamboree bags, but before she gave me my one she had already had a good feel to see if her toy was bigger.Crafty Moo!...

By peter bligh
On 30/05/2014

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