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Canvey was my second home. We had a caravan in the 50,s on Colonel Fielders site. Every Friday mum packed our case and we drove of to Canvey. Only from Barking but it seemed never ending till we got to Benfleet. I wanted to know if there are any pics. or does anyone remember The Cosy Cafe. A lovely homely lady served there Oh for the return of those days. Also the bingo on the front and Yes I still have a photo of me on Winston the donkey. Happy times Edna

By Edna
On 13/07/2009

Flory Lake was the owner of Cosy Cafe

By Rich
On 13/11/2009

Ah! The Cosy Cafe, real home cooking. On the corner of Gills Ave it really lived up to it's name. I used to deliver rolls and scones there in the early 60s. It was a bit up-market too, most of the dinner-time clientele were people like Selby, the architect, and from Beecrofts Solicitors and the Council Offices.

By Graham Stevens
On 02/02/2010

I'm not entirely sure, but I think I've just spotted myself in the photo of the fancy dress competition. I always remember Mum talking about me winning a prize (I think) for being dressed as Little Mo, the tennis player. I would have been 5 in 1953, so it does fit. I have a vague recollection of it  taking place in the Paddocks, as Roz suggests. I think it must have been after the floods though, as it looks  lovely and sunny, not January/February weather. Thanks for posting these photos. They've taken me back years!!  :)  

By Cheri Arlenghi
On 22/02/2016

Rich ,thank you so much, yes that was the lady Florrie, such a lovely little lady.

By Edna Reynolds
On 10/04/2016