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Graham If I've read this right then it ties in to what my mother told me. She said that when my uncle & grandfather lived in Ebor House and had the tearooms at the front the buses used to stop and turn around at the Jellicoe. The drivers would come into the tearooms for a break. When my cousin was killed by a bus, after coming out of Whittier Hall School, the driver had known her from a very young child as he used to have his tea in the tearooms.

By Wamburg
On 06/11/2009

Hi Maureen,
If you go back to part 1 of this section the first picture in the gallery is a postcard titled 'the Bus Terminus' and Ebor House is the most prominent feature also in part 3 there is a photo of the actual turn-around,it looks like a 'skid-pan!. I reckon the drivers needed a cuppa after negotiating that. Graham.

By Graham Stevens
On 08/11/2009