The Concrete Barge

A Canvey favourite

Sent in by Frank Whitnall

Sent in by Frank Whitnall the date of this photo is unknown but he thinks it is probably c1970s. Frank says it was probably taken around then when he and Simon spent ages at the Point searching, successfully for Iron Age/ Roman pottery. 

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'The Concrete Barge' page

F Whitnall

This page was added by Janet Penn on 09/08/2018.
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i remember the concrete barge well. it was an early 70s playground for us kids then. the area was also good for bird watching.and cockaling. its a shame authorities saw it fit to distroy it on safety grounds. it was quite unique and should have been preserved,espiecialy as i understand it had interesting history.


By Gary Casson
On 14/08/2018

It was not unique...there are hundreds of them around the coast. Look at Bradwell and the Kent Coast.  It was taken down by the Island Yacht Club as it was on their land.  It was dangerous as the concrete around the steel mesh had crumbled away.  The IYC would need to insure it and this was not a viable situation.

By Valerie Deane
On 15/08/2018

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