The Oil Protest through Echo Photos part 1

The protest starts on the Island.

By Janet Walden

The protests start to take place on the Island and is then taken to Parliament.

Photo:Bernard Braine MP showing his support for the protestors.
Photo:The Oil Refinery Resistance Group at a public meeting
Photo:People Power, Canvey residents march in protest.
Photo:Marching in Long Road.
Photo:Protestors on steps outside Canvey Council Offices.
Photo:The Womens' Group.
Photo:The Womens' Group blockades refinery road.
Photo:Canvey children march for a safe future.
Photo:Midnight protest.
Photo:Refinery? Death for Canvey.
Photo:The protest is taken to Parliament.
Photo:Oilmada, the protest takes to the Thames.
Photo:Marching on Downing Street.
Photo:Protesters in Parliament Square.
Photo:Arriving at 10 Downing Street.
Photo:Presenting the petition at 10 Downing Street.
Photo:PM Harold Wilson, Bryn Jones and George Whatley meet.
This gallery was added by Janet Walden on 28/02/2018.

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