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On behalf of everyone at The Rescuers Wildlife Sanctuary I would like to say a big thank you for publishing such an informative article. This captures everything from past to present and will give people a good overview of the journey that Veronica & Rye Mepham have been on over the past 20 years. If anyone would like to get involved with the Charity we are always looking for support. Please visit our website at Regards Daniel Rodwell

By Daniel Rodwell
On 09/06/2010

The Rescuers Wildlife Sanctuary has closed, after the RSPCA brought court action against Veronica and Rye Mepham.

The couple, who as you can see from the story above, devoted a large part of their lives to wild creatures, absolutely denied the charges. They were dismissed by many supporters as trivial, especially in an organisation which dealth with so many animals. Veronica told how fundraising “ground to a halt” after the RSPCA’s accusations, and they had to use their own money to keep the animals fed. She said “After the RSPCA action, and the Council getting involved to close the sanctuary down, we felt we just couldn’t carry on anymore. Me and Rye will retire now- I am very sad about it, but I will be 71 this year.”

The RSPCA decided to drop the charges as the sanctuary would be closing down. A former volunteer said “It was ridiculous to accuse Veronica and Rye of something like this- why would they care for so many animals for so many years, then suddenly start being cruel to them? It was incredibly hurtful to them.”

When I spoke to Veronica she was mainly concerned with the task of getting all the animals rehoused, and dismantling the sanctuary to comply with Castle Point Borough Council’s requirement that the site be returned to its original state- but she was hugely upset to think that anybody might think she had neglected, or been cruel to, any animal.

By Tom Jea
On 28/01/2011

It really saddens me to think that this sanctuary has now closed. I went to them when I found a fox in my garden suffering very badly from mange. They gave me some dead chicks injected with some kind of medicine but unfortunately the fox never returned. Probably too late. They asked for no set amount of money but possibly a donation which I gave. I had a Direct Debit set up to pay the RSPCA a set amount every month but all I ever received were letters for more and more money. They receive nothing now as I was tired of the pressure they put animal lovers under. I wish I had payed my money to this sanctuary instead. A very sad loss indeed.

By Alan Emery
On 31/05/2011