VE Victory Party

In memory 70 Years on

By Janet Penn

Victory party at Leigh Road on Canvey. Charlie Ford explains, "that is our home in the back ground and the woman on the extreme right of the picture is Mrs Louise (Lou) Kneller, a wonderful caring person and a very close friend of my family. Lou lived at 44 Leigh rd. Moving a bit to the left the boy in the tie and wearing a paper head band is Alan Todd (next door neighbour) and next to him is Derek Lou's son and directly in front of him, a little fair haired boy wearing braces on his pants is my younger brother David. That's me on Derek's right, hands in pockets and looking surly and bored. Lou worked for many years as a part time bar maid at the Monico Pub so some of your readers may remember her." Are you in the Photo or can you name anybody? If so please leave a comment below or email in.

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