Canvey after the war

Early years

By David Wilson

From Albany Creek, Brisbane, Queensland.

Photo:Meynell Avenue 1950's

Meynell Avenue 1950's

David MacGregor

The Wilson family arrived on Canvey Island at the end of the war, to live at The Rookery, a wooden bungalow in Winter Gardens. We later moved to 38, Meynell Avenue, but in 1961 Mum, Dad and Christina immigrated to Australia: David at 21 had already moved off the island, worked at Ford Motor Company and wanted to do his own thing!

Photo:New van and mum outside 38

New van and mum outside 38

David MacGregor

Now, our mother Emily Alice Wilson at 90 years has just moved into a low-care hostel at Carseldine, Brisbane. The photo albums have been re-opened and we discovered many pics of the island, which we feel would be better shared in the archive.

This page was added by David Wilson on 21/10/2010.
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I remember Meynell Avenue when it looked like that in the picture, I lived just round the corner in Labworth Rd. I also remember David, and visited his house in Meynell, back in the fifties when we were kids.

Best regards to you David.

By Peter Watkins
On 23/10/2010

Hi David, the top photograph of Meynell Avenue actually shows my fathers van outside our bungalow. I remember you lived opposite Mr. & Mrs. Devenish and I remember your mum from the photo. I must appologise as I put your name down as Peter in my Bonfire article. Best Regards

By Rodney Bishop
On 23/01/2011

Just reading a great book about the Burma campaign, Reluctant Q by George Spill, one of the photos is of an envelope with his address on, 36 Maynell Av. Great book and just a little more history of the inhabitants of this road. 

By Lee Clark
On 27/08/2017