Army and Emergency services

Canvey 1953

By Janet Penn

Three clips on the ITN Source site. The overall story is:

  • Scenes of flooding and army and emergency services engaged in flood prevention operations in England, 1953. 

The second one is the one we are interested in. The description states:

  • Canvey Island. Pipes (hoses) / Man rowing boat (with one passenger) down flooded street past building and monument / Man riding bike down flooded street / Lorry and bus passing each other as along down flooded street / Double decker bus driving through floods / Trucks driving through flooded street / Soldiers loading sandbags onto back of DUKW (amphibious army vehicle) / Various of troops next to sandbags / Army radio operator directing operations via field radio / More of soldiers loading sandbags / Soldiers eating from mess tins / Sandbags / Soldiers loading sand bags onto truck / Duck along past houses on flooded street / Soldiers putting sandbags onto barge / Troops carrying sandbags by side of river / Troops putting bags on flood defences / Flood water rushing through emergency sluice gate / Soldiers with sandbags
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Hello The scene with the chap cycling through the water and the bus is Civic Square Tilbury. Unlike Canvey it looks the same today Regards Sparrow

By sparrow
On 05/10/2011