Canvey's South Eastern Pillbox

Recorded in photograph for the first time

By Liam Heatherson

I was looking on this archive at old footage, finding a website which featured some old 1970s Canvey footage. I was watching a video about a jetty which was damaged in a boat collision, when I noticed what appeared to be one of Canvey's long-gone pillboxes, which was demolished in the building of the new sea wall in the later 1980s. I saw on another website a map which marked where the pillboxes of Canvey where, and a few other points of interest. I recognized the location in the video as the sharp right-angle in the sea wall below Canvey point and east of Leigh Beck. You can see the pillbox on video here at 0:28: it can be seen in the top right, and a firing slit can be made out slightly.

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Photo:Click on the picture to view the video

Click on the picture to view the video

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This page was added by Liam Heatherson on 18/10/2011.
Comments about this page

Brilliant find! I vaguely remember this Pillbox, my brother Ray said it went through the seawall.

By David Bullock
On 19/10/2011

I heard it did to on a map with a description of points of interest across canvey.

By Liam Heatherson
On 20/10/2011

My brother told me he crawled through it once!

By David Bullock
On 21/10/2011