Cyrildene and Delta Sport

Old Photos

By Kevin Tansey

First picture is of my old family home, named Cyrildene, in Barnards Ave (where Salvation Army is located at rear of petrol station.)  The building was demolished in 1984 but typical of former structures on Canvey Island.  Don't know exactly when my Nan (Dorothy Mason buried in Heritage Centre) purchase property but I guess it was the early 1930's.  Around the living room was a stubborn tide mark representing the level of the great flood of 1953.

Photo:Cyrildene, in Barnards Ave

Cyrildene, in Barnards Ave

Kevin Tansey

Second picture is of Delta Sports U11 1973 containing some familiar faces to you no doubt!

Top Left Standing:  Joe Dingle (Manager) Martin .....? Richard Edwards, Ray Roberts, John Edwards, Stephen Dingle, Kevin Cole, John Slatter, Harvey Cole (Assistant Manager)

Front Row:  Andy Strickland, Eddie Gubb, Garry Edwards, Bret Denis, Kevin Tansey, Tony Reading.

A great combination of Cornelius Vermuyden and Furtherwick Park lead by a Deans Science Master!

Photo:Delta Sports U11 1973

Delta Sports U11 1973

Kevin Tansey

Some great games and fabulous memories.

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Hi Kevin. I dig some photos out of the older teams and put them on.

By Maureen Buckmaster
On 04/11/2011

I'm sure I used to be at school with a girl who lived in that bungalow her name was Beryl Mason and I think next door lived the Benterman family.

By Lynn Taylor
On 24/08/2012