Lakeside Corner 1953

After the flood

By Janet Penn

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My Grandparents (The Kimbers) owned Strutts Stores during the flood. I can remember all the stories they told - like the fact that my grandmother had just come out of hospital after one of the first replacement hip operations and they lived in Vaagen Road in a bungalow. She couldn't get to safety so until they could get her on a boat they pushed her up the attic! - And my father always spoke about how he was nearly killed by an outside toilet that had come away and was hurtling towards him in the flood water.

By liz Elstone
On 30/01/2013

Hello liz I remember Glynn and Joyce who ran Strutts and your grandmothers house in Vaagen was later the first on My paper round. Regards Sparrow

By sparrow
On 31/01/2013