The Waters Edge Opening

Local paper 1971

By Janet Penn

Canvey's Maurice Scott, a well-known Essex showman, draws up to Canvey's latest free public house 'Waters Edge' in his Borougham, drawn by 25 year old Bob Tail Bill. Barmaids Moira Pooley and Kathy Mitchell say "He's only here for the beer"

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'The Waters Edge Opening' page

Photo by Tony Ackers

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I dont remember the picture being taken but my mum was one of the barmaids nearest the carriage and my dad and I are in the right of the picture.

By Jayne HayesI
On 27/01/2012

Moira Pooley (barmaid) is my nan! Still rocking canvey and got the hot pants.....haha!!

By Sophie Oswald
On 12/02/2012