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As a foot-note it's worth mentioning the aforementioned Roamers were, John Wilkinson(Wilko), lead guitar, his brother on rythm, John Martin (Big Figure) on drums and Terry Halsam on bass, 50% of the future Doctor Feelgood. I am also convinced that the little girl peeping through the curtains in the main photo is Irene, then John Wilkinson's girlfriend.

By Graham Stevens
On 18/04/2012

I remember a band called the Noughts and Crosses who also played a few gigs at the youth centre around this time. Tony Dubridge was the lead singer and John Bynorth played I think bass. Was someone called Tony on the drums? John never returned my copy of 'Don't make my baby blue'.

By Ann Henriques
On 03/03/2013

The Roamers, more accurately were: John (Wilko) Wilkinson, Terry Hounsom (bass), Ian Southey (rhythm) and John Martin (The Big Figure), drums. Wilko and I (his brother) only played together in our busking band , the North Avenue Jug Band.

By Malcolm Wilkinson
On 18/10/2013

Further to the above: It was the North Avenue Jug Band who were playing when they were spotted and engaged in conversation by three younger chaps who were: Lee Collinson (Lee Brilleaux), John Sparkes (Sparko) and Chris White (future manager) of Dr. Feelgood. That band formed about four years later, but that was the first meeting in The Casino Ballroom.

By Malcolm Wilkinson
On 19/10/2013

I had this record. My Dad bought it for me one Sunday when the Premiers were playing live outside the Lobster Smack and selling their records :) Most every sunday lunchtime in the summer one of the local groups would play outside the Lobster Smack it was always packed and strangely always sunny !!

By Christine Campbell
On 27/10/2013

Hi Christine, Have you still got it? A couple of weeks ago a record collector in Barnsley put one on e-bay at a starting bid of £49.99, unfortunately no takers, even so they must be worth a current price of around £40. I think your Dad must have paid about 5/- cos my brother Chris and I cannot remember the exact price they were sold at (a standard 45 rpm record was 6 shillings and 8pence then). History repeated itself in August this year when Chris and myself were members of a band which played at the charity music event outside the Lobster Smack.

By Graham Stevens
On 29/10/2013

Hi Malcolm, good to see you're still keeping up with your Canvey roots. I appeared on the same bill as you and John (as he was then) in a Command performance at Canvey Secondary School - it must have been 1965, as I was in my final year at primary school, singing with my class. Must have been one of your first performances! I still have a newspaper photo somewhere.

By Linda Naylor (Van Schagen)
On 16/03/2014

What days , I am the John Martin of the (Roamers and Dr feelgood) was there in flood time and started playing with Wilko 1963 he then in 1970 asked me to join Dr Feelgood. I now live in France and welcome any interest

By john martin aka the big figure
On 11/02/2015

My friend Christine Cutbush was going out with Ian Fullick in the early 60's,  I remember going with The Premiers to a few gigs, one a teachers party in his garden And remember falling out of your white van.  Did Chris Stephens have a three wheeler car when still at school? Do you know what happened to Ian Fullick And Christine. I remember your record very well. Jan

By Janet Lucas (nee Pearson)
On 20/01/2016

Hi, Thanks to the publication of this page by the Archive I was recently contacted by Mark Punter of BBC Radio Essex with an invitation to go to Chelmsford to record a chat about the band and the record to be included in his Vintage Vinyl show. So on Sunday June 26th my brother Chris and I spent a very pleasant hour talking to Mark at the BBC Essex studios. We have just heard that the edited result will be aired at 1.30 pm this Sunday on the Mark Punter Vintage Vinyl Show. PS. I also believe that due to info gathered from the Archive he was also able to contact Pete Gosling(rythm guitar Force Five) and an interview with him was broadcast a few weeks back. I guess all this will all be available on BBC i Player. Regards Graham.

By Graham Stevens
On 15/07/2016

Ann, I think I've still got that copy of Don't make my Baby Blue by Force Five! Are you on Facebook?

By john Bynorth
On 07/12/2016

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