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There was/is one of those houses above at the east end of Maynell Ave until very recently ~ derelict and for sale.

By David Bullock
On 09/07/2012

The houses shown in the pictures would have been in Grafton Road, looking north from the Shifren's home. Also found the Shifren residence was number 15 in a later phone book so the numbers definitely changed at some point.

The electricity poles seen in the pictures above ran between the houses in Grafton Road and Meynell at the bottom of the gardens and they are still there today.

By Janet Penn
On 09/07/2012

Thanks, Jan, another piece of interesting research. I have a vague memory of Mr Shiffren living in Handel Rd and my Dad, Aubrey going there either for a haircut or delivering bread. Maybe it was both!

By Graham Stevens
On 09/07/2012

POSTSCRIPT:Since Janet wrote this article I have made contact with Eddie who now lives in East Anglia.He left Canvey, aged 16, in about 1964. My memories were confirmed by Eddie, Including the Yiddish Speaking Budgie Owned by Mrs Rosenberg!!.He has sent me a wonderful photo of the Shifren's barber shop taken in 1940 in which Willy, his parents and 5 of my aunts appear. I found out that my uncle Willy Shifren lost his legs due to infection caused by an Insect bite. So sad!!! This happened after he came to Canvey. As to the location of My aunt's Bungelow this seems to be no.15 Meynell Ave but the original building was long ago replaced by 15 a & 15 b. Can someone help? Thanks again to Janet Penn for helping me discover some long forgotten memories and revive a small piece of Canvey's history.

By Raoul Schneiderman
On 01/08/2012

I remember Mr.and Mrs. Rosenberg, they had a ladies and gents tailoring shop at the top of the Winter Garden next door to what is now the carpet shop. They later moved to another shop just past the original Tower Stores. I remember visiting their house, and later the bungalow they moved to which was in a turning opposite the King Canute Pub, though I do not remember the number.

Also the Budgie which spoke Yiddish, in fact she had 2 budgies, a female called Jean, and a male named Jimmy. When we were at the house one day she asked Jimmy what his name was to which he replied 'Jimmy Rosenberg', when she then asked him what he called her husband his answer was 'Georgie Blockhead', apparently Mrs. Rosenberg had caught her husband cutting bread without using the breadboard, and told him he was a blockhead, which the budgie picked up. I just burst out laughing.

The one thing that always stands out for me, is the memory of Mr.Rosenberg making me a winter coat out of a remanant of Harris Tweed material, which I must have worn for about 4 winters, he had relined the coat

By Pam Winborne
On 17/08/2012

I also remember Mr & Mrs. Abrahams, they had a bungalow in the Winter garden, I remember my father telling me that he had dug the foundations out and then proceeded to build the bungalow mixing and laying the cement with his hands as he nothing else to use, he also somehow got hold of a load of old house doors and put them between two layers of cement. He also dug a hole outside the front door which he lined with cement, made a lid with a handle and could keep milk and butter in this for a week or more without it going off. First refrigerator.

When he had completed this work, the local authority came along and told him that because he had not sort planning permission he would have to pull this down, he refused to do so telling them that if this was the case they would have to do the job themselves apparently he won the right to keep the property and I believe he and his wife lived there until they died.

By Pam Winborne
On 17/08/2012

As a small child my mother took me to the Abrahams' house. Mr Abrahams was understandably very proud of his handywork the house he had built with his very own hands. He asked me what I thought of it. Not yet having developed the art of diplomacy I told him exactly what I thought. I don't like your house!! Mr Abrahams was very upset and my mum rather embarrased.

By Raoul schneiderman
On 18/08/2012