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I have been trying to piece together my father's Home Guard service (he was in a reserved occupation for John Mowlem) during WW2. The Ministry of Defence Army Medal Office told me in 1995 that he enlisted 20 May 1942 in 103 City of London Ack Ack Battery and was discharged 31 December 1944 with the rank of Private. He therefore served 946 days and was not eligible for a Defence Medal.
I remember (and I was born in 1935 so have some good recall of the period) that he was stationed early on on Canvey for a year - a year my mother remembered vividly because it was the only time in his life that he put on a lot of weight - that he lived in a hut, slept rather uncomfortably on a truckle bed and that there was an oil refinery there. We both thought he was made up to lance-corporal but that is beside the point. I wondered, having just come across your website, if you would be able to fill in any detail about him - Ernest Pascoe - and whether your ack ack battery was staffed by the Home Guard. He certainly was on ack ack guns when he returned to East Ham for the rest of the war. It would be fascinating for me and family to find out.
Yrs, Mary Pascoe

By Mary Pascoe
On 19/01/2009

I moved to Northwick in 1945 as a 4 year old. Lived there with my family for 8 years. Best years ever. I am going to look at my photographs to see what I can find,  We were all so friendly.  I can remember the families all playing rounders together .

By Joyce Lawrence (nee Kapp)
On 14/06/2017