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Hi Mike, Yes! I remember the car, how could I forget, it was the envy of us all. Your V8 Pilot was a great car too. Mick Dowden also had a Green Jag, but it never came up to the same standard as yours. I will never forget the great nights spent at the Casino Ballroom with the Red Diamonds. One of my favourite numbers was a drum solo by Les Woods. I can remember "Rubber Legs" Benny Rushforth, who regulary jived with Janet Watts who also had "Rubber Legs" with her flared skirts and loads of net petticoats. Oh, those parties at Allan Whitley's!! Allan now lives in Scotland. You also mentioned Brian Marsom, but unfortunately he is no longer with us having recently passed away. I believe Chas Hall is still playing with a jazz band and is now writing books, as I found out when I was in contact with him last year. I purchased a copy of his "Bad Faces" and not normally being a reader of novels, I literally could not put it down, finishing it in two days. Well worth a read. I remember the P.C. you mentioned, but like you cannot bring his name to mind. You mentioned Chris Harris, well Aileen still compares me to him when I hoist a jacket over my shoulders, like Chris did, saying " You look just like Chrissie Harris" as he was always doing that !! Such great times to reflect upon.

By Rod Bishop
On 26/01/2013

Hi Rod, I must admit I do not remember Mick Dowden’s Jag I only remember the Wolseley mainly because he asked me to show him how to do a handbrake turn In the snow, he lost control and hit the kerb very hard near Small Gains corner and bent both near side stub axles, he was very upset as he thought the world of his car. Sorry to hear the passing of Brian Marsom. Do you remember the Chas Hall jazz rendition of Greensleeves. Come to think of it Aileen is right, you do resemble Chrissie Harris, same build but not the same habits or temperament. As you say Rod, great times to reflect on.

By Mike Brown
On 27/01/2013

I was there in 1960..I remember Rodney Gardiner and his sister Gail who lived in Lottem Road. Paul someone who's dad owned an electrical shop..think it was Betts .and his mate Les, Tony Zapp , a chap who worked on the dodgems at The Casino nicknamed Oxo....a lot we only knew by their christian names...

By Sandra Springall
On 11/02/2015