Two aerial Pictures

Where are they?

By Janet Penn

Photo:Looking South but where Sunken Marsh perhaps

Looking South but where Sunken Marsh perhaps

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Two aerial Pictures' page
This page was added by Janet Penn on 28/01/2013.
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I think the bottom photo must be the Newlands area,if you blow it up you can see the Canvey Supply clock tower in the top right of the photo.

By John Buckmaster
On 29/01/2013

Sorry it's the top one.

By John Buckmaster
On 29/01/2013

Yes they definitely the Newlands area looking South

By David Bullock
On 29/01/2013

Top picture, the road on the left is Brandenberg, the second bungalow in the foreground in line with a breach in the wall had the front porch and inside doors completely washed away, then tore through the bungalow taking everything inside through the rear wall by the force of the water. It was very difficult to row against for the first hour, I had to shelter in the lee of each bungalow to reach this point.

By Mike Brown
On 29/01/2013

Bottom picture,bungalow next to seawall centre, between landsburg Rd and Heileburg Rd. Top picture, Yes Brandenburg Rd. Kellington Rd runs parallell with sea wall.

By I Norrington
On 22/02/2013