Anyone recognise where this is?

Somewhere on Canvey

By Janet Penn

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This page was added by Janet Penn on 04/03/2013.
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I think you will find this is Gills Ave, down the side of the Memorial Hall, the big house on the right was where the Smith family lived.

By Tony Matthews
On 04/03/2013

Yes Tony that's Dave Smith's family house and John FitzGerald and his family lived in the bungalow next door. Strange coincidence that I spoke about John's experience in the Flood and used Gills Ave to illustrate the difference in depth of floodwater at the Flood event on Monday. I'll have to let John and Dave know this photo is on the site.

By Graham Stevens
On 05/03/2013

The large house on the right was the former home of the prominent Bookmaker Charles Charlie Neale

By Tony Hurd
On 07/06/2013