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Hi Jeff
Really enjoyed reading the memories of your early years on Canvey! Have you seen Stan Pierce's graphic eye-witness account and detailed research of the B17 crash in the Wartime Memories section in this site?

It appears from your description that the bungalow DORANNE was at the Waarden Rd end of Tilburg Rd, in 1992 when we moved in to our present property in Tilburg our nieghbour was Old Jack (presumably your Uncle Jack) who lived alone in a very long Old Canvey bungalow. He was very helpful and lent me some tools to clear up the jungle of a garden we'd acquired. Sadly we'd only been here about a year when Jack passed away and the old bungalow was pulled down and replaced by three properties in 1994. However, I salvaged some of the roof-tiles when the site was being cleared and used them as a base for a patio, I also trans-planted some wall-flowers from in front of Jack's fence and they still flourish every year in front of our bungalow. So some little bits of Doranne still remain in Tilburg Rd!

P.S. I've given Dave 3 relevant photos to add on. [Now added - Dave]

By Graham Stevens
On 28/11/2008

I have added Graham Steven's photos of Jack Thomas' house 'Doranne' in Tilburg Road

By David Bullock
On 07/12/2008

Thanks Graham for the photos of the ex 'Doranne' site!

Uncle Jack had two children, a Peter and a Margaret. Did you ever see them? Strange I should get comment from someone actually living on the same site! When I lived there before Uncle Jack, my Father had a lovely garden. All fruit trees, plum trees and gooseberries bushes and he also grew many veggies too.

Jeff Thomas

By Jeff Thomas
On 08/12/2008

Thanks Dave, for adding the photos. Graham.

Hi Jeff
It wasn't until a few days ago whilst chatting to Brian Durrant, next door (he moved in in 1962 when the properties were new) that our semis were also built on the rest of Doranne's garden. He also told me that Jack's children still live on Canvey, but I've never met them. My only early memories of this area are from the early 50s, when on a couple evenings I went with my Dad to meet up with Ted Andrews (The Midnight Baker), he was taking extra bread to load on his trike for his bakers/tally round. I think it was at the end of Denham Rd and I vaguely recall that Thisselt Rd seemed to peter out before the end of Sydervelt with a big old house over by the Lake, the rest was just a field of rough grass down to the Lake.
Regards Graham.

By Graham Stevens
On 09/12/2008

The big? old house in Thisselt Road may have been the house that my cousin Patricia Watts lived in in those times although it was more at the Lakeside end of the lake. Between the house and the lake was indeed only rough grass right down to the water and reeds and Thisselt Road did seem to peter out! The old house was double storey! and was owned by my Uncle Chris Watts. I believe the house actually collapsed in the end!

By Jeff Thomas
On 10/12/2008

Hi Jeff,
My name is Shirley Thomas and I am married to your cousin Peter Thomas, Uncle Jack's son. It was a surprise reading your piece and how you were looking for Pat Watts now Hurd. She and her husband, Tony, have moved from Canvey to Battle, Sussex. Peter and his sister Margaret are both well. It would be great to be in touch with you again - Peter is out at present but I will get him to write something of his own as soon as he comes home.

By Shirley Thomas
On 13/01/2009

hey all, canvey seems like a nice place, i havent been there yet, but back in 1959 there was a little girl called janet elizabeth robinson died in the sea she was aged 12, i think, it was in the newspapers, i just wantted to know if any of yous remeber this,if ya do can you email me on.. thanks hayley xx

By hayley
On 08/04/2009

I read your account of Canvey island and I married Rose Ullman whose father owned the television repair shop near the Haystack pub. My wife has vivid memories of the flood and how she was rescued from the roof top of their house by soldiers. Pat & Tony Hurd were good friends of us and Tony was the best man at our wedding I would like to contact them again can anyone assist me. We currently live in Canada.

By john chambers
On 08/06/2010

My name is Tony Hurd I am married to Pat nee' Watts just joined Canvey archive would love to make contact with Pats cousin Jeff Thomas again plus what a bonus it would be to make contact with Rose and John Chambers again after all these years

By Tony Hurd
On 04/06/2013

Hello I remember the Watts family of Thisselt road. Their house had an alleyway that led through to Waarden road and there was just a field between the house and the lake. They had a son who I think was called Derek, He'd be about 79 now. I also remember Derek Williams [son of Harry Williams the builder] who died as we lived opposite them in Urmond road. Hope this helps Regards Sparrow.

By sparrow
On 04/06/2013

Hi Jeff. Len Cook is still alive. He and his wife, Georgina now live in London, not far from Madame Tussaud's. He's not in the best of health nowadays. I was a bridesmaid at their wedding and speak to Georgina often.

By Maureen Buckmaster
On 05/06/2013

Does anyone know my Granddad who was in the fire service when canvey flooded Albert Cashman, and was chief fire officer of Essex, love to tell his great grand children stories about him, and his daughter my mum if I hear anything

By susan ralph
On 13/02/2014

I am also a great grandson of Hannah Thomas. I found this site looking for more information on the family for my daughter, also a Hannah, who is building a family tree.

By Graham Thomas
On 19/03/2014

My cousin was Derek Williams who drowned age 18 his father Harry Williams was my mums brother my mum was Gwendoline Nice nee Williams. Derecks brother Christopher lives in Armidale Australia and is on Facebook and only a couple of days ago put a beautiful painting of his brother that he painted himself recently 

By Sandra malyon
On 02/10/2017

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