Kibcaps Farm aka Chimneys

Maps showing location

By Janet Penn

Later to be called Cooks Farm

Photo:1798 map showing the farm called Kibcaps

1798 map showing the farm called Kibcaps

Click on the picture to be taken to the full sized map

Photo:Map of 1805 showing it as Kibcaps

Map of 1805 showing it as Kibcaps

Photo:1850 Map showing the farm as Chimney's

1850 Map showing the farm as Chimney's

Photo:1898 showing Kibcaps Farm

1898 showing Kibcaps Farm

This page was added by Janet Penn on 14/10/2013.
Comments about this page

Janet I can't quite work out the map but I know Len & Georgina Cook vry well and used to visit their farm. It went from the bottom of Denham Road and over Lakeside Path which nowadays encompasses most of Laurence Homes and Link Road to the other side of the roundabout past the Silver Jubilee.

By Maureen Buckmaster
On 15/10/2013

Not totally sure it is the same farm Maureen. Kipcaps/Chimneys i only have details of the farm house. I only have a rough idea where Cooks farm was and many of the farms in latter years covered more or different than the original. I knew Cooks was north of the village but little else. Can you remember where the farmhouse was?

By Janet Penn
On 15/10/2013

cooks farmhouse was at the end of concord rd in the winter gardens

By t.jones
On 15/10/2013

Thanks for that That makes it the same farm buildings as shown on the maps. Which confirms what I thought in the first place.

By Janet Penn
On 15/10/2013

Hi Janet. It was on the left hand side of Link Road on the bend about opposite the Silver Jubilee going towards the roundabout. I don't know if there are any photos in existence. The front of the house faced towards Benfleet.

By Maureen Buckmaster
On 16/10/2013

We have not come across any yet. But fingers crossed someone might have one.

By Janet Penn
On 16/10/2013

There were two Cook's farms: Len Cook had a farm at Winter Gardens, opposite where the Silver Jubilee now stands, probably what is shown as Kibcaps; Fred Cook had a farm North of Long road, at the end of Village Drive, Green Ave and New Road. The area to the left of Fred's farm buildings, behind St Katherine's church was known as Chimneys.

By Lin and Michael Swanson
On 17/10/2013

Yes, and Fred's farm must have been the one where I used to go to see how the milking was done in 1947-48. with Ray Mint, one of my school mates in those days. Lots of fun before heading to school on Long Road.

By Gerald Hudson
On 18/10/2013

My brother Eric tells me that Len Cook's house was at the end of Concord Road, and had "Dairy" painted on the roof. Len's father, Bob, had the farm before him. Eric worked for Len after leaving school, until Len moved to Fobbing. Len also had some buildings near Little Gypps, and grazed cattle on the land where St Nicholas Church stands.

By Lin Swanson nee Jennings
On 20/10/2013

Kibcaps Farm House and buildings were located in the modern location of Northwick Park School (off third avenue). Specifically in the current school rear playing field.

By Martin Lepley
On 15/08/2018

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