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Hi, As a young sprog I had a Saturday job at the bakery for a while and used to go and help Ted on his rounds. One time he was very sick and couldn't do his round so I ended up doing it for the day. The old bike was a monster to move around especially for a 5ft lad.

By Cliff
On 18/10/2009

This is a picture of my Grandad. I am the daughter of his daughter Joyce Unthank (nee Andrews). My nan was a nurse on the Island for many years and also worked on the ambulances, she was know as Nurse Andrews, many an old timer would remember her.

By Joy Fleming
On 28/11/2009

This is to update your info about my grandad Ted Andrews. He was not a sniper in WW1 as he was flat footed and had poor eyesight, he was actually in the Armoury.

His first job after moving to Canvey was to help building the first Main Road on Canvey. He was once held-up by a local resident with a shotgun for his takings in his own garden at Hanslope Cottage, Haven Rd.

I hope this has helped to fill in some more information on my grandad.


By Joy Fleming
On 01/12/2009

Hi Joyce
Thanks for the info on your Grandad and Nan. The story of Ted being a sniper must have originated from a bit of 'bakery humour'. Was your nan also a local midwife? Thanks for jogging my memory about the shotgun incident too.

By Graham Stevens
On 10/12/2009

Hi Graham, Yes, my nan also delivered babies, but there was also a midwife on the Island called Nurse Morgan, I am not sure how long my nan delivered babies before nurse Morgan took over. My nan, (nurse Andrews) was on the ambulances during the war and was one of the first on the scene when a dudlebug landed in the village destroying Ray Howards parents house. Hope this is of some help.

By Joy Fleming
On 11/10/2011

Hi, I know for a fact that Nurse Andrews delivered babies.  She was my nan (I am cousin to Joy) and she was present at my Birth with the midwife, I believe Nurse Morgan. 

Rita Green

By Rita Green
On 09/08/2015

This lovely old gentlemen used to call at our house at 13 Gains Close.  I must have been about 7 years old.  We used to call him "Uncle Ted" He would come and deliver bread and sit and have a cuppa with Mum and then when he left he would leave Mum two day old donuts/cakes (which could not be sold) and she would give us (4 kids) them as a treat.  I will never forget him...his big coat and his "role your owns".  

My family immigrated to NZ in 1967 and I was 13 and I am still here.  What an amazing man he was, so loving and caring. A real blast from the past.

Noticed that the sea wall from the back of Gains close no longer there, we used to slide down it on cardboard...what a fantastic childhood and memories

By Shirley W. Walker (nee Clayton)
On 08/09/2017