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By David Bullock

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Photo:1950's: prout Advert for Folding Boats & Canoes

1950's: prout Advert for Folding Boats & Canoes

Ian Hawks

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Publicity photos taken on the Danbury pond. Models :- Christine Smith, Prout secretary, Ian Hawks with daughters Susan and Bridget.

By Ian Hawks
On 28/05/2008

We have recently aquired a Prouts folding canoe, has a number B633 marked on the wood, can anyone provide us with any more information on these canoes such as
Date built?
What type of waters was this canoe designed for sea/river?
Can it be stored folded?
Can the canoe support 2 adults?
Any tips on general maintenance
Would normal tent canvas waterproof fluids be ok for re-waterproofing the upper canvas?
What is the lower material, with what can we repair it if necessary?
Hope someone can help us to put this canoe back in use
Best regards
Bill and Adrian

By Bill and Adrian Shackell
On 24/07/2009

I am Newsletter Editor of the Historic Canoe and Kayak Association and am interested in the history of Prout canoes. In the late 1950s/early 1960s we used Prout double kayaks on the Wye, and in France, Spain and Yugoslavia when I worked for PGL Voyages. PGL used Prouts on the Wye until about 1961 when Gmach fibreglass kayaks replaced them. My enquiries at Prout about 10 years ago brought little response, but the truck canopy skin allowed the boat to be stored folded provided the skin and woodwork were dry. We used the kayaks on Grade 2 waters of the Wye and on the sheltered Spanish coast, as well as up to Grade 3 rivers in Yugoslavia and France. The canoe can easily support 2 adults with camping gear General maintenance - little really, except clean off any dirt and in winter varnish the woodwork You can use tent watrproof agent to waterproof the upper canvas, or use, say Klepper rejuvinator - I live in Germany and could get this for you, but as it is highly inflammable, possibly not ok to be sent in the post. The hull material (Blue if I remember rightly) is a plastic reinforced canvas. We used to carry out repairs by stitching any long holes together and apply patches of canvas onto black bostic adhesive. This worked well and the area around the patch was cleaned up with petrol. Nowadays, I would use truck tarpaulin material with a suitable adhesive to carry out and patchwork. I do hope that the above is of value to you - you can see our website at www.hcka.org.uk - you may be interested in joining our Association - if so, let me know and I will have a membership form sent. I would be grateful for photographs of your kayak, showing method of inserting and retaining stretchers as well as general photos of the inside and outside of the kayak.for the Association Archive Dont hesitate to write again - sorry I only came across your enquiry today Yours is the only model of a Prout kayak I have come upon in about 20 years of

By Tony Ford
On 26/11/2010

I have been given a prout sailing dingy which is the same as in the the lefthand side pictures. I have had it set up and sailed it without the sail on the canal and it just needs a bit of restoration. Does anyone know how many are left or how much it could be worth? Thanks

By Ben McGarry
On 20/03/2011