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Thanks, Janet. There I was, thinking I had researched Wreck Hall for all I could find and here we have a whole new angle to it and flesh on its ageing timbers. So it decayed because none of the sons fancied farming? Fascinating.

By Robert Hallmann
On 29/04/2008

Dear Janet,
My grandmother was a Morley. She was born at 46, Sandringham Road, Hackney (I have photo of house). She was the daughter of William and Caroline Morley. William was the son of Edward and Sophia Morley (nee Collins). William and his brothers had the Saddlers and Harness makers, which was at 449 Kingsland Rd. (building still there, I have photo). I think that must have been after they moved from Church Street. They also had a premises at one time, at 503, Kingsland Road (also there, photo). William, Caroline and their 4-week old twin son are buried in Abney Park cemetery. I found (with great difficulty, as it was covered with ivy.) their grave and photographed it and its inscriptions, grave no. 43030, section E03. I have addresses of several other Morleys who lived in Hackney, but their houses are no longer standing. My grandmother, Maud, married E.A. Barnett, who was a printer in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. They lived opposite the Deans, who were pottery manufacturers, with a 'potbank' in Tunstall. My father and mother, naturally, married. I was a painter, Penwith Soc., St. Ives, 1950-60s, then specialist in Japanese art. Now retired and writing autobiog. for son and daughter. Thanks for yours - more of mine, if interested. I'll send you the photos, if you send me your e-mail address. Best wishes, Mike.
PS. It looks to me as though all the Morleys at Wrack Hall farm were labourers, except for a bailiff. It also seems that they may have left when their tenancy expired.

By Mike Dean
On 25/08/2009

I am emailing you right now Mike

By Janet Penn
On 25/08/2009

Hello Janet I'm also related to this family, as my Gr-great Grandfather was David Morley(b. 1838). He married catherine Winter, and they and their eight sons lived at 90 Seven Sisters Road, Holloway. My great-grandfather was the youngest son. Regards Chris Morley

By Chris Morley
On 07/04/2011

Hello Janet, Another Morley descendant my 2x great grandfather was Edward Collins Morley born 1826. I would be grateful if you could pass my e-mail address toMike & Chris. Best wishes Colin

By Colin Ward
On 22/08/2011

Done Colin

By Janet Penn
On 22/08/2011

Isn't amazing what you find out....I am the gt. gt. grand-daughter of Samuel Morley (saddler), my mother can remember going to the shop in stoke newington. I had traced the Morleys back to Canvey Island. We have an old family tree saying that the Morleys came over from Holland, but maybe the link to Holland is the one you speak about...what do you think?

By Sandra Burt
On 07/02/2012

I am the gt granddaughter of Samuel Edward Morley b 1848,(saddler). My father (b 1914) and his brother and sister lived in the shop in Church St with their grandfather and their mother for some of their childhood. Samuel was therefore still running the shop for at least some of the 1920's. My father remembered taking turns with his siblings to answer the shop bell at lunchtimes. There was a slaughterhouse close by. I also think it very likely that the farm at Wreck Hall was rented and they left when the tenancy expired.

By Pip Golding
On 14/02/2012

I don't know if we're related but have heard of a link to a collins family with our Morleys.I haven't researched this side of my family, but my g grandmother was an Emma Morley(born abt 1851 in Southwark london)the daughter of a Thomas Morley.No other details except that his wife may have been Eliza and that a W Morley was a witness at Emma's marriage.Emma married John Prestney (at Trinity church St Mary Newington,Surrey in1873.)she died in 1903 and is buried in a private grave in Manor park cemetery.John Prestney was a carman and they lived in East Rd Shoreditch.My grandmother Minnie Prestney emigrated to NZ.Unfortunately have no other details of my Morley Family but perhaps someone mayrecognise which Morley family they belong to. Regards Bev.

By B Hooper.
On 03/04/2012

I am related to the Morleys through Edward's brother Thomas (1792 - 1848) who is my 4th gt grandfather. The line follows through his son Edward Thomas (1817 - 1863) to his daughter Elizabeth Jane (1845 - 1924) who married William Baker, a dairyman. The Bakers lived in Southend.

By Elaine Wilson
On 14/12/2012

May not be any connection but as an interest, one of my fathers sister married Eric Mackney who owned a farm near Sevenoaks, Kent called "Morley's Farm"

By Ian Hawks,
On 14/12/2012

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